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November Market Update!

As we are heading towards the end of the year we are seeing a lot of buyers and circumstantial sellers. Circumstantial sellers are sellers that have a reason or situation that is putting them in the position of having to sell. The buyers that are shopping right now are serious buyers and looking to buy […]

Navigating the Current Real Estate Market

The real estate markets in Solano County and Sacramento County have seen some intriguing shifts in recent months, prompting both buyers and sellers to adapt to changing conditions. In this article, we’ll explore the current state of these markets, including trends in pricing, time on the market, and the impact of interest rates. Solano County: […]

Solano County Housing Market Update

The housing market in Solano County continues to exhibit remarkable dynamics, characterized by extremely low inventory and high buyer demand. These conditions have led to competitive bidding scenarios and sellers receiving offers over asking price, even with interest rates hovering in the low 7% range. In June, the county witnessed a scarcity of available homes, […]

Solano County Market Update!

Are you curious about the current state of the real estate market in Solano County? Here’s a quick update to keep you informed: 📈 Market Trends: Solano County continues to experience a strong real estate market. Home prices have been steadily increasing, making it an opportune time for sellers. Buyers are also finding great opportunities […]